Desert Henge Coven was formed in 1982. The current High Priestess is Shea Hermes, a Third Degree Gardnerian, who has been active with Desert Henge since 1994. We are a well established group of like minded individuals to celebrate the Wheel of the Year through magical workings, classes and ritual.

This coven practices British Traditional Witchcraft as interpreted by Gerald Gardner. We meet for Moons and Sabbats, holding both Inner Court and Outer Court rituals.

We are an active coven and meet frequently outside of sacred space enjoying the beauty of nature and serving the world around us.

We are a coven with strong family values and believe that children hold the key to an amazing future.

Our ‘Intro to Witchcraft’ class has been retired. This class had been held since 1982 and was the longest running pagan education class in Arizona. Many locals got their start here and we are proud of that longstanding connection.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, our classes and Traditional Wicca, please contact Shea for more information!


Special Note to traveling Gardnerians and Military Witches:
We welcome military wiccans to attend OC rituals or maybe we can lend a hand while you are in our area, Desert Henge has had several military members over the years – we will be honored by your presence and we thank you for your service to our country.
For those traveling in Southern Arizona and the Sonoran desert, we would love a chance to meet and greet – and share a sip or two of our home brewed mead.