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Suggested Readings



Gerald Gardner: The History of Wicca 
A site dedicated to the Founder of Modern Witchcraft.

Doreen Valiente: 1922-1999 
A Site dedicated to the Co-Founder of Modern Witchcraft

Silver Circle 
A Gardnerian Coven in the Netherlands, mostly in Dutch, some in English

The Wica 
A British site dedicated to the people behind the Craft

Wica Gardneriana 
A Brazilian site in Portugese

Teampall Na Callaighe 
Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone’s website from Ireland

Blue Moon Coven 
A German site, in German

Raymond Buckland 
The site of the man who brought Gardnerian Wicca to America



Adler, Margot

Drawing Down the Moon

 Buckland, Raymond

Ancient and Modern Witchcraft

 Crowley, Vivian

The Way of the Wicca

 Cunnungham, Scott

The Truth About Witchcraft Today

 Crowther, Patricia and Arnold

The Witches Speak

            Secrets of Ancient Witchcraft

 Farrer, Janet and Stewart

What Witches Do

            Witch Blood

 Gardner, Gerald   

Witchcraft Today

            The Meaning of Witchcraft

 Hutton, Ronald

Triumph of the Moon

 Leek, Sybil

Diary of a Witch

            The Complete Art of Witchcraft


The Spiral Dance

 Valiente, Doreen

The Rebirth of Witchcraft

            Witchcraft for Tomorrow